If your heart rate monitor or power meter does not also act as a cycle computer, this additional, inexpensive device will be needed to record odometer mileage, trip mileage, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, and cadence.

All of these functions are standard on any bike computer, except perhaps for cadence. But please do make sure you obtain a bike computer that measures and displays current cadence. Some prescribed workouts will require you to do intervals at a specific cadence.

As with heart rate monitors there are cycle computers that do much more than described above (see below), such as the temperature, the elevation, the slope of a climb or descent, and GPS tracking. And there are devices that combine all functions with heart rate and power meter functions. Many devices also download data to personal computers and into electronic cycling logs automatically.  I am happy to help you select the device that fits the needs of your MCC training program, your preferences, and your budget.