Cycling shoes and clipless pedals do more than just maintain a secure contact between your foot and the pedal. They ensure that the motions of your hips and legs move directly into the drive chain of your bicycle, so that your effort is channelled into forward power. When fitted correctly by a your local bike shop, cycle shoes will also keep your knee properly aligned over your pedals for maximum comfort and prevention of knee injuries. You will be

cleatsspending enough time in the saddle that such cleated shoes are more than a luxury; they are a necessity. General fitness riders might prefer a casual or mountain bike variety cycle shoe because they are easier to walk in when one dismounts the bicycle. All other clients should obtain cycle shoes and pedals dedicated to road riding.

Athletes new to cycle shoes will need to practice with them on a grass surface because, inevitably, falls will occur. Only when riders are confident clicking in and out of the retention system between the shoes and the pedals should they venture out on roads with stop lights and traffic. Even then concentration is needed until entry and exit of the pedal becomes second nature–which it will.