How early should I arrive before my event? How much should I warm up? Should I go hard before the event or taper? Should I change wheels? Tires? Gears? What should I remember to pack in my equipment bag? What tools am I likely to need?

Sometimes, though not difficult to answer, these are the kinds of questions anxious athletes forget to ask themselves before an event. Remembering such details can make all the difference between being calm and focused or being disorganized at the start of your event.

Besides being organized, successful athletes know how to program themselves for success by visualizing their event in advance. Almost like meditation, in event visualization one imagines the course to be travelled, the challenges along the way, the make-or-break points where competitors could gain or lose time, and the locations or situations where a special effort will be needed. You visualize your success.

During our coaching consultations, we will also discuss strategy. Where should I ride in the group? How do I do that? Where can I conserve effort? When do I put the hammer down? While it might seem like these are concerns only for racers, century riders and club riders will find such discussions useful as well.