While some coaching programs put limits on the time athletes can consult with coaches, or charge a higher fee for more consultation time, at Matson Cycle Coaching I want athletes to feel they can always contact me when they have a question or need to talk about a goal or a performance. As coach, I will initiate at least one consultation each month to see how things are going and to make sure latest workout schedule has been received and understood. Beyond that, athletes can initiate consultation whenever they need to. Email is a good way to initiate a consultation and we can follow up by phone as needed. Local athletes might prefer to meet at a coffee shop for longer meetings.

Consultation time is when an athlete has a chance to describe his or her goals, to give feedback about workout loads, or to talk with me about race preparation and strategy. For me, it will also be an opportunity to celebrate an athlete‚Äôs success, and to be a sympathetic ear when impediments crop up. As cycle athletes we are lucky to have supportive families, but it’s great to have someone who is always there to appreciate the challenges we face being competitive athletes, and who is exclusively devoted to our particular success.

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