Power meters and heart rate monitors are essential for gathering and monitoring information about the fitness of a rider. In the case of heart rate monitors, cyclists wear a chest belt that transmits heart rate information to a receiver that can be mounted on handlebars or worn on the wrist. For our training purposes, clients need at least a HRM that measures maximum heart rate and average heart rate. This is the minimum exercise data you will need to capture and record during your MCC training program. However, modern cycle computers can record and display many other functions as well, such as power, speed, distance, elevation, GPS tracking, cadence, cycling time, and total time out during the workout. Two excellent products are the Garmin Edge 1030 or the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM. Obtaining such a combined device is a great way to go and will be very important to your progress.

As valuable as heart rate monitors are, power meters represent “the gold standard” in gathering data regarding cycling performance. Although power meters are considerably more expensive than heart rate monitors, they are a more accurate metric of your cycling performance. Power meters are not required for an MCC training program, but if you have a power meter and would like me to work with your wattage values, I will be delighted to do so at no extra charge.

As part of my coaching, I will be happy to consult with you if you need to shop around for a heart rate monitor, cycling computer, or power meter.