The most tangible “product” involved in a coaching plan is the calendar of workouts a coach creates for an athlete. While generic workouts can be found in books and on the Internet, the most effective workout plans are individually tailored to you. They incorporate your goals, your schedule, and your present fitness so they are unique to your progress.

Some coaching plans lack flexibility. They may not allow for necessary revision or they may make an athlete wait until the next month, training block, or field test before revisions are included. When this happens, an athlete has to “translate” what a training calendar says to what it really should say. In which case, why bother to have the calendar?

At Matson Cycle Coaching your training plan is hand-built especially for you and there is never an extra charge for revising and updating your training plan. We won’t lightly abandon important goals or carefully built schedules for minor impediments, but if you feel we need to revisit your training plan, consult with me and we will work things out. Sometimes simply flopping two workouts within a week solves the problem, sometimes a little more rest or intensity addresses a need.

I will deliver your workouts to you electronically so that you can see what you need to do, each day, week, and month. You will keep a training log, recording what you have done and sharing it with me for analysis.