Cycle coaching is based on the principles of physical periodization. You progressively build fitness by gradually overreaching what your body can physically do, allowing sufficient recovery and rest, during which time your body will adapt to the higher training load it underwent. This occurs in recurring cycles.

A classic example of a periodization program could go like this: three weeks of increasing load in the form of training hours and intensity, followed by a recovery week of lower intensity and volume. Two months of this could represent a major build period. Three build periods, or six months, could represent a periodization that brings an athlete to peak performance.

But with unique individuals in real life the classic periodization pattern doesn’t always fit, and there are many variables. What if your major goals are split apart by months and you want to achieve two peaks? What if life events interrupt this smooth progression and adjustments are needed? How do you know how much training to do (volume) and how hard to do it (intensity)? How does age affect training and recovery?

One plan does not fit everyone. That’s where I come in, and that is why training programs from Matson Cycle Coaching are individually tailored exactly to you, and they are adjustable if changes in your life occur. Using goal setting interviews, field testing, heart rate measurements, and regular consultations, I will tailor a periodization plan that fits your life and your goals.

For more discussion of the value of coaching to guide an athlete through periodization, refer to the following article above, “Why Do I Need a USA Cycling Certified Coach,” published by USA Cycling.