Whether your road races are 20 miles or 120 miles Matson Cycle Coaching will help you develop the endurance to go the distance, the speed to hang with the sharp end of the peloton, and the power to attack the field or finish off the sprint. While providing workouts that will get you into shape physically for your A-level races, I will also work with you on how to position yourself in the peloton, ride efficiently, and develop a winning attitude.

I work with men and women and racers of all ages and category abilities. Please note that while my specialities do not include track racing, cyclocross, mountain biking, or triathlons, my coaching program can effectively build fitness for all those disciplines. Certainly, if you compete in these other disciplines as well as road cycling, Matson Cycle Coaching could be a good fit for you.

To be competitive racers should train 7–10 hours per week, six days per week, building to 10–12  hours per week, and then reducing volume when working on V02 max intensity or when racing many weekends in a row. Cat 3 and 2 racers should expect even more volume, especially if they are trying to upgrade to a higher category. Junior racers, however, should stay involved in school sports or branch out and try all the different cycling disciplines before deciding to specialize in a road discipline. The weekly volume of junior racers will take into account all of their physical activities. As part of a racer’s training volume, stretching and cross training are very beneficial to a competitive cyclist, providing variety and helping to keep motivation high through the hours, weeks, and months of training for one’s dream goals.