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Tools2Again, if you are local I can show you how to perform the routine maintenance that will keep your bike safe and working efficiently. Even if you are not a local client, these are topics we can cover in phone conversations, which might be particularly helpful to a new rider.

Basic bicycle maintenance includes tasks such as:

  • What tools and supplies to take with you on the road
  • What tools and supplies to have at home
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Proper tire pressure inflation for different conditions
  • Cleaning your drive chain
  • Cleaning and polishing the rest of your bike
  • Lubing your chain and jockey wheels
  • Checking for proper tightness of bolts, and not over-tightening
  • Checking for cracks and dings in your frame, bars, fork, and seat post
  • Checking headsets for proper adjustment
  • Where and when to apply grease or Loctite
  • Removing and replacing pedals
  • Replacing shoe cleats
  • Removing and replacing gear cassettes on your rear wheel
  • Removing, stretching, gluing, and replacing tubular tires
  • Installing cycle computers
  • Dismantling, packing, reassembling bicycles for travel in bike cases
  • Using and caring for bike racks on cars